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If you’re looking for FM motorcycle helmets, you are in the right place.

FM motorcycle helmets make a wide range of helmets and are part of the isle of white motorcycles Ltd.

For some basic tips on looking after your motorcycle clothing, see below.

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Caring for your Motorcycle Helmet.

Treat your helmet as if it was fragile. Dropping a motorcycle helmet from waist height could cause damage.

To clean your helmet make sure you only use pure water, very mild soap or specialist helmet cleaners. Strong detergents can damage the helmet’s protective coating.

To get rid of bugs on your visor, try spreading a wet towel or tissue paper over it for ten minutes, this should loosen them off.

Never put stickers on your lid. Some thermoplastic or polycarbonate motorcycle helmets can be damaged by the glue.

Don’t store your helmet near fuel, cleaning fluids or excessive heat as these can damage materials used in the construction.

Don’t stash your motorcycle gloves in your helmet when you’re off the motorbike. They’re likely to have traces of petrol on them which can ruin the helmet’s interior. Their Velcro fastenings can also stick to the lining and cause damage.

Don’t use furniture polish to clean your helmet or visor. Most brands contain petrochemicals which are harmful to plastic/polycarbonate helmets.

Helmet size.

If you do not know your size yet – here is a short guide on how to find it out:
Take a string or measuring tape and wrap it around your head at the height if the eyebrows and around the back of your head at the widest extent. This measure in centimeters is your helmet size.
For example, you get a measure of 60 centimeters your size is ‘L’.

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