Meet the Team







Meet the Team

Bikedealer4u was a dream many years before it became a reality, born from two key issues:

1) Having to trawl the internet for hours looking for a part, supplier, dealer or whatever, then having to log on or sign up to see what you want.
2) Not knowing if the dealer / service centres I had picked were good, bad or a total rip off merchant.

So, because of the above, our idea was to put everything in one place without the need for a log in, password or subscription to see it, then allow you to navigate to it all from one location.
In addition to this, if we can encourage people to leave a review of their experience at any dealers / Service Centres they have visited, this will help buyers to check what to expect before they visit or commit to spending their hard earned cash, AND eventually help dealers make improvements once they see genuine reviews of their business.

Our Mission
To make everything motorcycle or scooter related easy to find and all from one location.
Continuous improvement guided by customer feedback.

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