Motorcycle Performance & Tuning

So you want to know who does motorcycle performance and tuning? click the icons below for all the top UK performance and tuning specialists.

Once you have your motorcycle or scooter and you are happy that you want to keep it for a while, you may want to investigate whats possible with regard to improving its performance and/or handling to better suit your personality (and budget)

We have taken all the hard work out of it by putting all the options in one place just for you.

You may just want to check the power output on a dyno, or need the suspension tuning by specialists. You may also want to go more radical and fit a turbo or even get a specialist company to do what they do best and tune the living daylights out of it. Whatever you need we have the people and organisations to help. Just click on the links below to go directly to their business and you decide what and how far to go, its as simple as that.

Some of the people listed in this section are heavily involved in producing world record breaking bikes, so what ever option you want we will have it covered.

If you want to do some of it yourself and like to tinker with your own bike then check the options here.

If you want to add some nice new clothing then you can see all the manufacturers here.

If you fancy checking out our top 10’s done by customer review you can do that here.